The visceral bond with our land and its products, combined with an innate passion for brewing, gives life to a truly brilliant act.
Brilliant by nature.

Mario, professional brewer, the look to the countryside and down to Earth attitude, as per the flourishing farmer tradition of Campania. A tradition able to hand down flavors of the land, unchanged over time and reinterpreted in the brewing.
A sip of Karma is a journey through time, it tells us about Italy, rurality, variety and a certain attention to detail that have made great, in the eyes of the world, a nation geographically small as Italy.

The Classic line is a walk in the countryside on a sunny afternoon. The backbone of the Karma concept, so close to Italy and its varied agro-food production, covers the entire universe of flavor of the country.

The Vagabond is the hopped passport of every beer lover. Marked by the ink of experience, you will find there all the most significant places of world brewing. Every stamp a beer, every beer a story. To be told sip after sip.

With the K line, our street line, we tell a story without frills. K, as a synthesis of Karma, to be consumed in different and more dynamic contexts from the usual tracks of craftsmanship.

Karmico is a bitter for those who love to eat hops even after dinner. It is the bitterness of Karma, because it is brilliant by nature, it is Karmico.